R GLU - Marine Water to Fresh Water


Conventionally, as a flocculent for use in such wastewater treatment, synthetic polymer flocculants such as poly acryl amide have been frequently used. However, with this coagulant tends to accumulate in the environment for less likely to be degraded to be released to the environment, it had been pointed out to be toxic.

So, there is a need for an alternate method for the waste water treatment and converting that waste water into safe drinking water which should be eco friendly and economically viable. This powder treats all types of waste waters in a very effective manner without causing any harm to the environment.


R glue powder is an efficient clue for safe drinking water because this powder converts the waste waters, industrial effluents, sewage water and marine/salt water into a safe drinking water. In this powder no harmful chemicals are used, so this project is eco friendly.

The water is tested in the laboratories and got a report that this water is fit for drinking purpose. The industries will also get benefited by this powder; water recirculation within the industry can be effectively done.

1KG of powder can treat 10000 liters of wastewater/ industrial effluents and 800g is required to treat 10000 lit sewage water and 655 grams is required to treat 10000 liters of marine/salt water.

This project is economically viable and environmental friendly (eco friendly).


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    Raja Samanth Chinni
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