Bridgefy - Making Apps Work Without Internet

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Bridgefy is solving the problem of lack of access to the Internet and phone services, by already providing millions of people with software that lets them use mobile apps without Internet. The Bridgefy software is offered in the form of a Software Development Kit, to companies with mobile apps, so that they may integrate it and thus offer their apps to the immense world population that owns a smartphone but doesn't have access to the Internet. We're targeting public transport systems, natural disaster alerts companies, governments, and many more. Millions of people will be able to use their smartphones for everyday tasks a lot of us take for granted, such as purchasing food, sending money to loved ones, sharing educational content in underprivileged schools, staying safe during/after natural disasters, and much more other things we can do without the Internet. We help address multiple United Nations Sustainable Development goals, such as: reduction of poverty, creation of infrastructure, equality, and social/economical development.


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    Jorge Rios
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    Jorge Rios - CEO
    Julian de la Orta - CTO
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Hubspot, Google Analytics, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
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    Reading, playing guitar
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    Improving and saving lives through accessible means of communication.
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