The Green Falcon J-1 _ Horus-green J-1 Portable Hydro-pneumatic Spraying Machine

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The Central Problem: It is the deficiency of an important input such as organic fertilizer (agroecological) for the sector: agricultural, food supplements for the sector: livestock and livestock, coupled with this the sector: fish farming.

The Causes: The lack of natural and legal guarantees led to a gradual decrease in investment in the national and international productive sector, in addition to this the breakdown and non-compliance with legal frameworks, including municipal, regional and national ordinances, considering our line of Entrepreneurship can be said for sure that the lack of environmental education for the management of garbage (solid waste in this case dry leaves) cause a problem for society in general.

The Consequences: Low productivity and demotivation of national and international business, in this case the agricultural sector is affected in their crops since they lack basic inputs for the conditioning of their lands, which means that they will not have efficient planting, since the fruits of their harvests do not have the same quality due to the lack of the necessary nutrients, referring to the sector: livestock and livestock, milk and meat production will decrease, since in the summer period (drought), the grass is lacking what leads to the cattle having to graze for long kilometers in search of wild food, which in turn the temperatures increase, thus achieving weight loss and resistance to diseases, in the sector: of fish farming, they lack management of technologies in where the fish adapts to the conditions where they are trapped for the evolution of their growth, due to the lack of these non-existent technological equipment s for this productive branch, since many of these fish farming ponds need aerated recirculation systems (nitrogen and oxygen) because the water is clearly trapped.

As a final point is the exaggerated accumulation of solid waste (in this case the dry leaves) due to the fact that for being a rural area there are gigantic trees and for the lack of compliance with government ordinances, the lack of environmental education, the population has a level very low management of the classification of garbage (organic and inorganic waste), which therefore are scattered on public roads, in other cases, cutting and uncontrolled burning in the patios of houses, lead to an acceleration of the gases that produce the greenhouse effect, which strikes our atmosphere and strengthens climate change with elevated temperatures, contributing with 2% of the components in suspension such as CO2, CO, CH4, among others, that decrease the durability of human existence and biodiversity on earth.

General Objective: Manufacture of a multipurpose "Horus-Green J-1" Hydro-Pneumatic Portable Spray Machine for the production of organic (agroecological) fertilizer for the agricultural sector; mix of food supplements for the sector: fish farming.


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