Future Energy

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Present day energy such as fossil fuels, nuclear,solar, wind and others are either to dangerous or not dependable or what not. The idea I have come up with is "energy distancing". Build a thermonuclear generator, using the used fuel pellets from power plants, in a 1'x6' steel cylinder, to generate, at minimum, 5K electricity.

Drill a 30' well in the backyard by the utility entrance. Place the generator capsule at the bottom of the well and connect it to the utility cable with a proper interface. The generator buried in your yard will supply you with continuous power. Peak power will be supplied by the grid. If the grid is disabled by weather or accident you will still have power. When your power needs are low you will be send power to the grid (by the way they will pay you for that power). This system will reduce the need of coal, natural gas and nuke power. Power plants can be reduced in size. Plus they will be less of a target for the enemy.

We will need nuke to make the recycled fuel pellets. Instead of burying the nuclear fuel in concrete, in a mountain we can recycle it and bury it our backyard. Of course it will be much lower in radiation. Estimate it will be less than naturally occurring radiation.

Renewable? Remember the radiation has a half life and the capsule will have the fuel pellets will need to be replaced. The pellets will need to be reprocessed again.

This idea is just the beginning. The implementation will take years, maybe twenty, just in time to start recycling.


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