FLUIDODYNAMIC Filtering Technology Against Climate Change

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We are an innovative startup with a social vocation the PREINVEL, that has designed and developed the sole FLUIDODYNAMIC FILTERING technology in the world able to clean the pulluted industrial emissions and remove the smallest dust and pollutants, extremely dangerous for human's healt and so dangerous for the environmental, and responsible of the climate change problem.

We have important social objectives because we intend reduce respiratory diseases, neonatal malformations and children's deaths caused by air pollution where nowdays inefficient and obsolete filtering devices are not able to protect. Our Technology comes from the same physical principle that regulates the flight of an airplane. It is based on the famous Bernoulli equations that summarize a concept that is as elementary as it is formidable: “In steady state, the sum of the dynamic pressures, gravitational and kinetic is constant for each section”. That is, the Bernoulli equations establish that in the points of a section where the speed of a flow is increased, a pressure decrease occurs, while where a slowing occurs, the pressure increases. It is thanks to these effects that the "lift" of the flight is created, guaranteed by a flow of air that flows faster on the upper section of the wing than the lower one. The absolute novelty of this technology becomes clear, as it can remove the micro powders and pollutants not with mechanical, thermal or electric systems - which have considerable functional limits - but simply through a "modulation" of the flow coming from the same suction of the polluted air flow. Thereby, the innovation is condensed in a part of the filter that allows to accelerate the flow in some sections and in others to slow it down, thus creating areas of high and low pressure, and of depression. All this to ensure that the dust particles present in the flow are "naturally" attracted to areas of low pressure and therefore easily captured and removed.

We are able to provide to the industries that emit pollutants into the atmosphere, the best truly economic filtering technology able of reducing to zero industrial pollutted emissions and protect human's health and save the environment A revolutionary filtering technology against CLIMATE CHANGE that protect citizen's and children's health and save the environment. This is OUR DREAM.


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    Di Noi Angelo
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    Angelo di Noi, CEO & CO-F PREINVEL s.r.l.
    Francesco RIBEZZO, COO & CO-F PREINVEL s.r.l.
    Roberto DEMURTAS, CFO & CO-F PREINVEL s.r.l.
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