Accelerate Plant Growth with Electricity

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Nowadays, because of increasing population, people demand more food, fruits, vegetables, clothes and etc. That’s why highly productive and highest quality is being created by scientists and selektors. But this problem hasn’t been sorted out yet completely.

It is known that, light is needed to nourish plants. Organic substance sunthesized with chlorophyll of the leaves with the help of light, atmosphere was enriched with oxygen. Water was broken in hole of the leaves cause of light of the sun. The more plant steam water the more it absorb substance from the soil and the faster plant grow up also increase fertileness.

If we pay atfention, this situation happens only with the help of the light of the sun. Otherwise vice versa. Because of light nourishing takes 12 hours.

If plants are nourished with she help of that design, plants absorb substance during 24 hours. Besides that plan can give negative effect to grow noxious plants and it can give positive effect to increase fertilization.

Nowadays one of the best methods is “Nourishing plants with selection.” Because of this method, we don’t need give extra chemical mineral substances. This situation save save mineral substance. Besides only plants which we need can nourish from fertilized substance, but harmful plants can’t nourish it.

Our method can solve the following. It provides that using the fertilized substance for only useful plants, besides it affects pest organism in cells of the leaves.


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