Translucent Heat-insulating Material and Energy-saving Climate Shell

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The aim of the project is to develop technology and create a production line for light transmitting thermal insulation material (LTTI), which can be used for houses, greenhouses, tent hangars and buildings. LTTI material consists of gas filled polymer cells that have light transmitting and thermally insulated properties with excellent elasticity and low cost. LTTI allows the efficient use of solar energy for heating and lighting at home and energy saving.

Monodispersed polymer gas-filled cellular structure with a specific gravity of 1 / 200-1 / 50. Can be produced as continuous tape up to 2 meters wide and up to 10 cm thick.

The cell size can be from 5mm to 50mm. The thickness of the partitions is from 5 microns to 50 microns. Filling: air, nitrogen, other gases. The polymer composition may consist of urethanes, siloxanes, acrylates, vinyls, their copolymers and other components.

Thermal conductivity: up to 0.035 W (m * deg)
Heat resistance: up to 180 * С
Light transmission up to 80%

In conjunction with fiberglass reinforcement or protective films (PVC, ETFE) provides high weather resistance, resistance to wind, snow loads and degrees.


As a self-adhesive layer for inner surfaces of shells greenhouses, greenhouses, hangars and others lightweight facilities.

In the form of sandwich panels with protective surfaces for overlapping frame structures, window, wall openings.

In the form of liquid foam for filling construction cavities and injection molds.



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    Oleksii Mundt
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    A. Mundt - project manager.
    Dr. V. Vlaskin - physical and chemical studies.
    A. Skorbach - production.
    A. Kulakov - accounting.
    Dr. A. Colendo - the chemistry of macromolecular compounds.
    A. Bolotova - technologies of polymerization systems.
    M. Drachenko - electronic equipment.
    D. Oliyanenko - design documentation.
    A. Tishchenko - architecture and design.
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    Polymer Chemistry
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    Plein air painting
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