UNIVERSAL: a Common Multimedia Communication System

The growing globalization of our society, the difficulty of communication because of the language barrier the new technologies possibilities from different software platforms requires a new and updated communication system that could improve represent our society communications. Such system could simplify our communications , accelerating understanding and promote the knowledge of our society and its needs as well as help to overcome barriers between people of different origins.

The written part of Universal would be composed of a new simplified phonetic alphabet language , that should be slowly adopted for the writing part of our communications . At the same time a new , user friendly software should include all systems, from written words, to images, icons , audio, video, animation , calculation, web connections and hyperlink, and other media that would simplify communications between people while utilizing available and known systems.

To answer to such need we must develop a common written second language that could be used in all communications as well as a simplified software for the utilization of all others multimedia systems available in computers. They could be the core of a new common communication system ; the Universal.

While other universal common languages have been developed previously their introduction has not been effective for several reasons. Universal introduction will be based on a international agreement and schedule that would allow its complete learning and adoption in less than ten years.


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