System for Converting Human Walking Movement into Electric Energy

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Mechanical vibrations are forms of energy that can be found in the human walking movement, and this kind of energy could be harnessed for small local electricity generation. This entry consist of a floor that absorbs mechanical energy from impacts or vibrations, and by electromagnetic induction, converts this movement into electrical energy for small consumption applications.

The project consist of a system that uses the magnetic field, coils and their relative motion to vary the magnetic flux over time and thus generates a significant potential difference to supply small electrical loads, and the system structure can be manufacturated using aluminium to prevent interaction with the magnetic field. The electrical energy generated has use in society, which could be in the performance of interior lighting systems, or to charge electronic devices, thus adding another method of electricity generation.



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    Gustavo Colle
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    Solid Works / Finite Element Method Magnetics / Labview
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