Electric Domestic Refrigerator

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The utility model relates to the field of refrigeration, and more specifically to electric household refrigerators, intended for use in everyday life, trade, food and other types of production.

During the operation of household, display and other refrigerators, a significant drawback in the cabinet design is the bulky one-piece door, which uses wasteful consumption of chilled air from the inside of the refrigerator compartments to the atmosphere. During the operation of the refrigerator, mainly from the shelf of one compartment, storage products are involved in the process of withdrawing or storing products. When opening and closing a bulky door, there is an increase in idle losses of chilled air, therefore, the refrigerator unit is forced to more cool the volume of air inside the refrigerator, which significantly increases the energy consumption.

The proposed design of the refrigerator allows you to reduce excessive unjustified idle forced flow of cooled air into the atmosphere during operation, by reducing the operation of the unit to recover losses, i.e. cooling the warm air coming from the environment from opening the door of only one compartment instead of the entire cabinet volume, which will allow for significant energy savings of more than 2 times.

In the proposed electric domestic refrigerator, the refrigerator compartment chamber is divided into separate compartments, where the top and bottom of the compartment are shelves that are extended in length until they touch the rubber door seals through the surface protrusion of an optional metal nozzle.

In the refrigerator, each compartment has individual doors of the same design in the same plane of the cabinet and the axis of rotation instead of one solid door to the entire cabinet. Each shelf-nozzle is structurally supplemented by extending it from the rear wall of the compartment to the doors according to the size of the width of the shelf, which is designed to contact the rubber seals of the upper and lower doors of adjacent compartments in one plane with the doors closed at the same time. The entire compartment around the perimeter of the volume provides a sealed space with the door and shutter closed. The damper further in the text will need to be understood as a structure that includes a manhole cover with a mounting hinge and a separate hinge for displacement, as well as a manhole hole at the level of each compartment separately and all this is mounted in the plane of the additional vertical sheet of the shaft of the cabinet.

In the integral design of the refrigerator, as before, the grooves of the inner side walls of the refrigerator cabinet are retained, which are additionally extended in the continuation until they stop against the compartment doors. If necessary, from moving the shelf to the upper or lower groove, you can change the compartment volume due to the volume of the corresponding adjacent compartment; Rubber seals of adjacent doors abut against the end face of the nozzle shelf on the protrusion plane, ensuring the compartments are airtight.


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