A Warp Drive Motor

1) In comparison to 2019 entry the support for incline plane is simplified by a single square plate and the power of each machine unit is increased by double cone wheels sliding on V-shaped tract on modified incline plane tilted at 45° that coincides with a line at 45°drawn from the midpoint on the lower end of the circumference of hole Bo at the axis of rotation.

2) As the cabin for passengers with it's weight slides down the incline tract the double cone pulley tends to slide on v-shaped tract on A1andA2 and manual mechanical traction by mechanism of lever is applied on perpendicular part B1andB2 with loss of force but gained in distance to keep A1andA2 at 45°. The fixed scisssor linked elastic system is distended and B1andB2 near each other in the middle with pillow bearing on support for incline plane with SIP rotating on pillow bearing of RSP and gets lifted up.So a part of of the weight of the cabin for passengers is not supported even at the position of rest and sinks down in the same relative space.

3) All sliding parts are greased andRSP also slides by rolling friction and the force is transmitted without bent to other units by interconnecting support frame, strings, rotating plate with axle to other machine units on the respective board above fitted on support pillars at the sides.The weight of the cabin for passengers is finally supported by elastic EL distended by opposite active traction by rotating cylindical wheels at the end.

4) A modified gyroscope mechanism is fitted on a single height adjustable upper pole P1 on P2.P2 can rotate on a fulcrum on two parallel base plates at the lower end fitted on the ground so that it can be lowered when required for repair and other adjustments by a long chain on upper pole P1 or made erect and fixed in position.

5) The machine units and the support tract are fixed on the mounting frame which has a length adjustable upper vertical part fitted onMGF for balance that permits a)rotational motion around an axis b)freedom of motion in two perpendicular directions so that the machine units when held in active balance perpendicular to the direction of gravity exhibits unidirectional perpetual motion not explained by ideomotor effect.The mounting frame has a long and short horizontal parts on both sides of the support pole in between .Below the horizontal part there is a lower vertical part with a removable circular metallic ring CR at it's lower end to allow only slight tilting of it when in use.

6) Tubes only open at one end with speed controlled motors and propellers inside are fitted at the lower end of the vertical part below to provide active balance and air pressure generated inside another pair of tubes below the long and horizontal parts tend to rotate the mounting frame and also contributes to active balance by centrifugal force avoiding wobble in the system so that passengers in the cabin experience a smooth ride in the merry go round . 



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    Gautam Narayan Baruah
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