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ThermoTerra harnesses a new type of renewable energy - humidity power - to heat and cool buildings using natural daily humidity fluctuations.

Buildings represent 30% world energy usage, of which 50% is for heating and cooling. Our technology can reduce these energy needs by up to 50%. This would have a vast impact on CO2 emissions, and wasted energy. For our clients, these savings represent significant economic value, rapidly paying back their initial investment.

The technology itself – our “SmartWall” is installed directly onto the external facades of buildings.

As humidity rises during the night, the SmartWall stores energy as absorbed water. This process releases energy, heating the building at night (saving energy in heating systems).

During the day, the stored water evaporates, absorbing energy and cooling the building (saving energy in HVAC systems).

This is a game changer because we are utilising a source of renewable energy that is previously untapped. This is additive to existing heating and cooling solutions, and would radically alter the tools available to reduce human energy consumption.



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