Energy from Exhaust Fan

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From home, offices, to industries there is great demand for a variety of exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are available at various specification such as RPM, watts, current, speed. etc. Most industrial units vary huge and high speed exhaust fan are required which runs continuously. Such exhaust fans consume a large amount of electric current and energy, An attempt is made in our project to utilize the exhaust fan air flow (exhaust wind) to rotate the blades of a turbine which is coupled to an electric generator. It is like a wind energy generator. When the exhaust fan turned ON, the exhaust high speed air flow (exhaust wind) turns the blades of the turbine, which ultimately rotates the generator. The generator converts mechanical power into electric energy. This project may be applicable to small scale energy generation. The electrical energy may be stored in rechargeable batteries, a super capacitor or any other mode of storage mechanism. The stored energy can be used for inverters etc. For greater efficiency of this system exhaust air flow can be focused directly through the pipes at the turbine blade.


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    Sanjay Puranik
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