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Hey it is me, Darwin. Who would have known that we would be kicking off a new project during a pandemic, a social reform, and a recession? To better understand, we can wind back a few years when a good friend returned from customer meetings to discuss a regulatory change requiring power adapters to further reduce the no-load power consumption. It was apparent that incrementally following the new requirements offered little defense or value-added. Thus we conceived of a novel solution to leap forward to reduce the no-load power consumption of a power adapter to zero. We incubated a patent application aimed forward to a time when the costs, technology, standards, and market would make such an idea viable as a high volume broad-based product. Fast forward to today, that patent has been prosecuted, awarded, and issued. With the market timing and prototype development coalescing, we are pleased to form a new venture called Prosary.

No-load power consumption is well understood with consumer demand as well as regulatory mandates driving the reduction of wasted energy. Not only energy-saving, this approach also features: automation, improved reliability, extended life, reduced heat, reduced electromagnetic interference, reduced mechanical vibration or buzzing noises, reduced carbon footprint, and more benefits. One particular market revolves around the USB power adapter bundled with nearly every mobile smartphone sold today. Some forecasts indicate 1.5 billion power adapters are shipped with smartphones worldwide annually. Each of these USB power adapters must comply with the ever tightening regulations for no-load power consumption. The list of major players and their corresponding supply chain partners are well published and likely existing or accessible relationships that would be highly interested and motivated to implement and lead such advancement. Prosary is seeking partners to accelerate this opportunity.

We have existing working prototypes and produced pilot volumes reserved for strategic partner evaluation purposes. Strategic partners include but are not limited to qualified investors, semiconductor players, contract suppliers, regulatory agencies, and smartphone brands. In these prototypes, the USB type-C protocol controller within the power adapter is enhanced to operate as a dual-role device per USB specifications. In this way, the power adapter obtains a tiny bit of power from the attached smartphone to momentarily energize an LED within an opto-isolated switch which wakes the adapter from a truly off state. This design leverages existing USB Type-C power adapter logic with discrete components that can be applied to operate with existing elements to minimize supply chain disruption and allow quick time to market. Yes the IP includes but is not limited to coverage for additional enhancements such as semiconductor integration, fast charging, and even wireless charging. Let’s do this. Let’s do this together.

Stay safe, do great things, and try to make a difference!


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