BMHK Engine

To appreciate BMHK engine proposal, one must think of stars, including our Sun, as not only nuclear fusion reactors but also, and probably most importantly, as Gravity engines. The sun uses its intensive gravitational force for compression leading to pressures and temperatures that are so high that initiate and sustain nuclear fusion. The excess mass (m) is converted into energy (E) as per equation E=mC2, with C, speed of light.

If stars are truly nothing more than gravity engines, then I imagined that we could design free energy engines exploiting the Gravity of Earth. Recognizing the relative small size of our planet, and consequently its corresponding weak gravitational force, we won't be able to initiate or sustain nuclear fusion, instead, I opted for a different less energy demanding process, hydrokinetics. Here, we'll design a device that extract and convert gravitational energy into fluid kinetic energy that can readily be converted to mechanical and electric power. In this case, the useful energy is directly proportional to fluid velocity cubed.

The electricity generated may be directly consumed, and the excess used for hydrogen fuel production via electrolysis.

To accomplish this design, it was important re-invent special turbines and power transmission designs as straight off the shelves apparatus were inadequate for this innovative technology. BMHK Engine is a true alternative holy grail of clean energy as the promised nuclear fusion energy technologies form ITER and others have so far not succeeded to deliver.

Unlike ITER and other nuclear fusion energy technology developers who chose to copy cat the sun, and decided to compensate the absence of stellar gravity by brute force of higher pressures, temperatures and magnetic fields, BMHK Engine design approach recognized that absence as limitation to the analogy and introduced other processes to achieve energy production, even though lower than fusion. Regardless, the overall energy input remains lower than the output ,

BMHK Engine technology has imitated and borrowed from many sources including stars, interplanetary travel (gravitational slingshot), and simple machines (levers). All these sources combined in a designed package gave birth to the novel innovative hydrokinetic engine.

Without relying on massive batteries or other energy storage technologies, the BMHK energy system solves the intermittency limitation of renewable energy technologies (wind or solar) as Earth's Gravity is always ON.


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    Musole Buhendwa
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    Within star energy production (nuclear fusion and role of gravity), gravitational slingshot effects in interplanetary travels, and levers as simple but efficient machines.
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