Device for Cleaning Oil From a Water Surface

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In countries where oil is extracted and transported by sea, they face such a problem as oil spills on the surface of the water. This, in turn, leads to a global environmental problem, such as pollution of the seas, the death of living organisms (fish, birds, mammals, etc.)

About the project
I propose a device for collecting oil and oil products from the surface of the water, which can be used as a mobile tool that allows you to eliminate accidental spills of oil products from the surface of natural aquatic areas (seas, lakes, rivers), as well as significantly improve the environmental situation in places of storage and collection of wastewater containing petroleum products.

What makes this project unique?
The uniqueness of this project lies in the quick response and elimination of the oil slick.

Expected result/impact
The expected results are a reduction in the pollution of the water surface of the seas, lakes and other water bodies by oil. Which in turn will lead to an improvement in ecology in the world.


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    I am inspired by people, people who have achieved a lot and changed the world. Such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg. And if they managed to change the world, then I can do it too.
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