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We are developing the smallest, lightest, strongest oil-free compressor that aims to push efficiency and reliability to new heights.

theSARCproject is developing an innovative, cutting-edge rotary compressor that aims to push compressors' power, efficiency and reliability to new heights. This rotary compressor technology features lower size, weight, cost and environmental footprint compared to conventional compressors. This novel technology will be an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications; from small lightweight portable to large heavy-duty applications for pumping, gas storage and transport, as well as for green vehicles.

Compressed gas accounts for approximately 10% of the global industrial electric energy consumption, and this share reaches up to 20%, including commercial and residential needs. The continuously increasing demand for compressed gas worldwide makes crucial the energy saving from those processes (higher efficiency). However, the future saving potentials are estimated to be no higher than 15% for the established maximum power and power-to-weight ratio (pressure output levels).

In line with the increasing demand in gas compressors for higher compression levels and efficiency, the innovative design of a novel rotary thermal engine, called SARM, favours the development of a new configuration of gas compressors called SARC (SAvvakis Rotary Compressor). This type is currently offering the highest efficiency, power and low-cost specs compared to any other known technology available in the market; with a significant distance from competitive solutions.

SARC is smaller (up to 61%) and lighter (up to 86%) with up to 38% energy saving, compared to competitors; an oil-free operation which is very crucial especially for gases sensitive to oil mixture because their properties can change with the oil mix; up to 40% higher compression with a single-stage compression process; up to 93% isentropic efficiency (it depends on the size of the application); up to 30% lower noise and 80% lower vibration; a long life-span with low maintenance cost. The oil-free operation is one of its most significant advantages since just under 20% of all compressors could operate in oil-free conditions and even those, in high-pressure outputs, need lubrication for cooling. There is no existing compressor that operates oil-free when the pressure output is higher than 12 bar. Thus, all compression technologies need more than two compression stages to achieve our output pressure of 27 bar.

SARC is based on our patented technology of SARM engine. This engine design has been awarded patents in Greece, and other 12 countries (US patent US8001949B2). The SARM engine concept also won the first prize in the 2010 Honda Initiation Grant Europe contest.

Our target market is the gas compressors' manufacturers, and compressed-air vehicles (CAV): the latter are propelled by the expansion of compressed gas within a Pneumatic motor. CAVs have found application in torpedoes, locomotives used in digging tunnels, and early prototype submarines. Even though they have not been competitive because of their low energy density and inefficient compression/expansion process, our product can change this and make them play again an important role in the energy market.

Our technology is currently offered for license.

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    Savvas Savvakis
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    Savvas Savvakis, PhD
    Stephanos Savvakis
    Anastasios Sotiropoulos, PhD
    Konstantinos Zoumpourlos
    Athanasios Dimaratos, PhD
    Pavlos Fragiadoulakis, PhD
    Alkaios Bournias Varotsis, PhD
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Our inspiration comes from our three pillars, upon which all our designs are based.:
    - our passion to achieve technological breakthroughs;
    - our environmental sensitivity;
    - and the challenge of keeping innovation at efficient costs.
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    ANSA, Epilysis, ConvergeCFD, META
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