Ocean Temperature Reducer

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The ocean temperature reducer is a swarm of drones aimed to control (cool) the temperature In the path of hurricane forming storms before they gain the energy from the heat and transform into a dangerous category 3+ storm, this is an idea it can be very bad or just of the solutions and it may solve the problem of evacuating a whole state when a storm menaces to destroy entire cities.

The idea requires leadership and coordination of an engineering team to deploy and here it is explained, better presented than to leave it die just in case some day we may have the team, resources, and leadership to face and solve one of the greatest challenges given to us by nature.

As always, this humble design is dedicated to the one who’s creations are simply adorable and to the ones who think that everything is product of random accommodations, corona virus results from Drinking corona beer, and chocolate milk is produced by brown cows.

Please wear your masks.

Thank you!!!


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