Buckyball Sphere Shape is Propulsion and Power Generator

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Buckyball sphere shape is directed to propulsion and power production. Triangle panels are provided with the shortest length panel edge forming the outer surface edges of the hexagons and pentagons buckyball sphere extruded from the spheres center point out into an array of hexagon and pentagon edges, where the other two longer triangle edges are “bonded” to form the panel length to the central point. ONLY one panel is needed to build a full Buckyball sphere illustrated in the Figure.

Propulsion and turbines have been employed in prior engineered mobility art but lacked simple reliable panel structure to provide easy assembly and maintenance. This invention teaches one triangle panel structure can build a full buckyball. Prior water propulsion failed to provide: propulsion that floats on the water surface enabling zero drag on the propulsion, an array of floating paddles removing stationary vessel surfaces out of the water, and propulsion can be wind driven with a diametric moment twice the moment of radial lengths. Combining closed cell buckyball within a larger open cell buckyball, a new propulsion art form becomes available to meet individual needs for pleasure watercraft, up through major shipping designs. Inside closed cell surfaces can be moved close to the outer open cell buckyball larger diameter to make amphibious craft mobile on beach sand, ideal for tidal shoreline power production.

Buoyancy: An open cell buckyball traps air between the water and the inner sealed surfaces rotated near parallel to the water surface (like placing an empty drinking cup upside down on the water with a structure around to hold it floating), so the buoyancy of foams and closed cells are for buoyancy of buckyballs at rest. Atmospheric air buoyancy is taught in this invention by filling independent closed cells of a closed cell buckyball with helium, hydrogen, or hot gases where the total material weight is less than the lift forces on the sphere. Flexible gas tight film material to be mounted onto poles that are adjoined at the center point of the buckyball sphere making a closed cell with a hexagon or pentagon surface.

A method for adding a drive axle to the buckyball in Figure. Any hexagon extrusion has a mirrored copy 180 degrees around the center point of the buckyball. Pentagon axle also aligns to an opposing pentagon 180 degrees, but is rotated around its axis 36 degrees relative to its axial pair. A mobility engineer can select the hexagon as an axle, if heavy duty stress is known, and the bolting pattern is desirable.

Buckyball water paddles in this invention float and can be rotated at any speed to drive massive cargo across oceans at greater distances on the same fuel. The whole ship hull can be made of the spheres fixed to a frame with the cargo resting on the frame.

Combustion source energy can be provided by injecting fuel directly into buckyball open cells when the sphere is mounted to a housing that seals sphere cells closed providing combustion pulse turbine propulsion


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