Teleportation of Physical Objects

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Teleportation, or the ability to instantly move people and objects from one place to another, can easily change the direction of the development of civilization. Teleportation of physical objects without violating the fundamental laws of physics, without using exotic masses, energy, warp drive, and without losing information can become a reality if the process of obtaining it is based on an unusual device.

The central concept required for the teleportation of physical objects is information. More precisely, we are talking about the amount of information associated with matter, its movement, and distribution, measured in units of entropy. Controlled entropy change can be implemented on a fundamentally new type of mechanical gyroscope. Until now, only two types of mechanical gyroscopes with two and three degrees of freedom have been known to science. The last, third place for a mechanical gyroscope with six degrees of freedom was left empty. Is now we can see a huge number of possible uses of the device and plus the teleportation of physical objects.

The dynamics of the rotor is built according to a single and extremely simple formula for the angular displacements of its points on the equator and two meridians according to harmonic laws. If we rotate the rotor of a gyroscope with six degrees of freedom in a vacuum around three axes per cycle, and at certain times we change two of the three axes of rotation, research confirms the possibility of applying a controlled entropic force to the center of the rotor mass. A series of entropic forces generated by us allows the entire structure to compensate and overcome gravity for the teleportations object and at the same time convert vacuum energy into electrical energy. Technically, the teleportation device consists of a spherical (thick-walled) solid, coherently oscillating rotor, which is located inside the vacuumized cavity of the stator, and inside itself, there is an internal stationary stator and a cabin or container for teleport able physical objects structurally connected to it. Coherent oscillations of each point of the rotor leading to the appearance of a stationary interference pattern from the accelerations of the elements of its mass. The entropy of the system (a rotor with an internal content), as in a white hole, tends to zero and isolates the physical information of the rotor content from the external environment. In other words, in a vacuum, a coherent state allows the particles of a massive rotor to be significantly isolated from quantum entanglement with particles of the external environment. Two groups of projections of an insulating artificial white hole (the figure shows only one — on one half of the holographic screen) allow information about the rotor and its internal contents, without being limited by distance and speed of light, to move along the surface of the screen and, accordingly, it becomes possible to teleport physical objects in three-dimensional space-time.



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