AI Powered Mobile Jammer Mounted Drone

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Designed is an AI Powered Mobile Jamming Drone that can trace down mobile signals, create a swarm and localize mobile jamming so that it does not affect others. Like in a condition where hostages have been held in a building, the drone can travel into the building so as to break down any kind of communication by the enemies. In terror operations mobile phones play a major role in helping the enemies to give instructions, etc. The drone can trace and jam mobile signals at sites if they have been held by enemies under dangerous situations.

Up until now localizing the mobile jamming system to work only for particular range was not available and due to this the whole area gets jammed affecting the security personnel.

The Drone uses Artificial Intelligence along with GPS and Cell Tower Triangulation and Multilateration techniques to trace mobile phones and then deploy itself to the location and turn the mobile signal jammer ON with the appropriate range so as to block all mobile communication at the site.

This Model can be used in Warfare in such a manner that if a Site has been held by enemies and terrorists and communication is being done by them using Mobile phones with their handlers ,these Drones can be deployed where the Drone automatically traces the mobile signal present and places itself on their site and jams the network so as to prevent further communications.

Swarm Drone can cover up the building using this method and make sure that that the site gets completely signal jammed. The Model will consist of three Elements : Mobile Signal Jammer,Cell Phone Detector and AI Enabled Flight Controller as a Central Commander for Autonomous Flying.

The Module will be having a high speed scanning receiver which utilizes a multi-band DF (Direction Finding) antenna system allowing security personnel to locate nearby cell phones in standby mode or during active voice, text or data RF transmissions.

The Module will detect each cellphone by RF frequency allowing for detection and identification of multiple cellphones.

The switching of the jammer will be done by using an IR Sensor beneath the drone which will turn it on as soon as the drone lands on a site.

The flight controller would be having proper number of channels so as to input the jammer device with the appropriate port.

The model will be trained using Machine Learning. By using an optic flow sensor facing downwards we can maintain position if flying over a suitable textured environment like inside a hotel , lane in situations of crisis .In 2008 terrorist attacks had happened in my country similar to the 9/11 Attacks when the terrorists were also communicating with their handlers abroad through their mobile phones which could not be stopped as jamming mobile signals would've affected our police forces and citizens as well.

Further this Drone Model can also be used during civil crisis situations and planned riot control.


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    Suraj Singh
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    I always try to gain knowledge from diverse domains and club them together so as to innovate and come up with something new so as to solve root level problems in the society I live in .Till now localizing the mobile jamming system to work only for particular range is not available and due to this the whole area gets jammed affecting the security personnel and innocent civilians .It was the year 2008 when 12 Terrorists came into my nation killing and injuring more than 500 innocent people and till this day I have remembered that incident and believed in innovating to strengthen the defense and empowering the underprivileged. I believe that technology has no use unless it works for the mankind and this has inspired me to work for the people .
    Rising by lifting others has been my motto in life and I aspire to bring change in the world I live in.
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