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​Bulletproof vests are very important and I hope you don’t have to use them in your lifetime because using them means you are being shot at. You cannot always control the action of others so you need a means of protection like a bulletproof vest until you decide to return action in kind and amount.

Bulletproof vests are designed to disperse the round’s energy and deform the slug to minimize blunt force trauma. Their efficiency are designed based of the material engineering science and the latest vests employ overlapping super-strength but lightweight composites of ceramic and titanium. Soft body armor is not as strong, but it is more lightweight and less conspicuous to wear. It is woven out of interlacing strands of Kevlar. Like hard body armor, layers of this tough, net-like material deform the incoming bullet, robbing it of its energy. This made them very efficient in blocking fired bullet not to penetrate the body of the user but it will likely break your ribs and/or create damage on the body part of impact and this impact force is equal to at least being hit by a baseball bat.

To solve this problem, here in Anteneh Engineering I have found a way by combining the existing material engineering of bulletproof vests with structural engineering science so that the bulletproof vest blocks the fired bullet without causing organ damage to the user. Instead of making the structure of the bulletproof vest have a flat surface which will touch the chest and back surface of the wearer, Anteneh’s V vest has a triangular structure. The triangular structure is made up of a V shaped ceramic and titanium while the all other materials are flat flexible Kevlar. The first line of bullet defense of the vest is the V shaped titanium. This V shape structure will maximize the efficiency of the vest in two ways:

It increases the surface of contact between the fired bullet and the V shaped titanium material because of the angled structure which is more effective that a flat shaped same material.

It creates gap between the body of the person wearing the vest and the vest so that any impact force generated when the bullet is being blocked will not damage the organ of the wearer. When fired bullet hits the V shaped titanium material, impact force will be created on its surface. Because of its structure the impact force will force the V shaped structure turn in to flat but since the two end of the V shaped titanium are inserted in to a high strength Kevlar, this process is blocked by it. As it blocks the flattening process it dissipates the force all over the back flat surface of the Kevlar which will share the entire load equally.

This will save your organs being damaged from the impact force. According to my numerical analysis this works on every point of impact at any angle of impact. ​


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