Parcel Transportation System

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Parcel transportation system (PTS):
For parcel transport, a small networked system denominated PTS Parcel transportation system will allow instant parcel transportation between different areas of a city or territory.

PTS is an independent system to move small packages or parcels, by utilising modular and standardized containers running through a dedicated pipeline system connecting terminal points powered by a maglev system.. The network: The network is formed by a system of duct lines, The duct lines have a similar size to HVAC ducts, about 35 cm diameter while the mobility is guaranteed by an electrically powered mag lev system. The parcel containers are of modular dimension, ranging from to 30x40x40 to 30x40x60 cm. They are moved inside the network by a mag lev system to guarantee high speed and powered by outside locally produced clean power. Their dimensions will allow the transportation of such items as, shopping, waste, catering and most common small size products. The terminals: The system connects the terminals, which has a receiving and shipping part. They are located in all residential units, work locations and shopping, waste and other facilities. The network can be housed in a bigger TransNet system together with other medium for passengers and cargo, utilities, gas , oil and water pipelines in the territory, while in the cities they can run in the underground part of existing sidewalks properly equipped. In the buildings in vertical and horizontal ducts connecting domestic terminals.


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