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AscenZ’s innovative and game-changing process technology, based on the highly efficient pultrusion manufacturing process, offers many advantages over traditional friction material manufacturing -- including continuous and highly-automated production yielding near-zero variability. The company’s highly-advanced friction composites demonstrate superior quality, significantly more consistent properties, and improved performance (hot and cold), as well as improved second couple wear characteristics leading to fewer warranty claims (or related losses) for the end customers, including automotive and industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers.

In addition to being free of environmental issues that plague the competition, and while demonstrating this wide range of superiority, AscenZ’s composites are also globally cost-competitive -- due in part to the reduced capital investment, compact footprint, and minimal labor requirements of the patented and proven process technology.

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    Benjamin Booher, Sr.
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Staying at the leading edge in developing new materials and manufacturing processes to complement and enable advancements in passenger car and vehicle engineering and performance. Vehicle quality and performance are at all-time highs, and rapidly improving, while existing friction materials remain problematic in terms of quality, performance, consistency, and environmental concerns. In addition, existing manufacturing processes are labor-intensive and harmful to the environment. Our patented, breakthrough, cost-effective, highly-automated and continuous manufacturing process and resulting friction composite present new and unmatched industry benchmarks.
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