Rotary Vane Internal Combustion Engine

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My unique innovative product idea is the Rotary Vane Internal Combustion Engine, the main advantages of which are significant improvements in the efficiency, reliability, durability, ease of manufacture and maintenance.

This engine is equivalent to an eight piston engine using two vanes on each rotor with four working cycles per revolution, or a sixteen piston engine where four vanes are used on each rotor; that is, it performs eight work cycles per revolution.

Thus, we have both the most compact and the most powerful engine at the same time, which is aimed at increasing efficiency up to 70%.

My goal is to improve the performance and significantly increase the efficiency of the military machines, aircraft and drones, supercars, sport cars, and hybrid cars.

My engine design does not use rotors movement matching mechanisms, because there is no need to synchronize the rotation of the rotors, since the rotors are not rigidly coupled to each other, and that why the reciprocating movement mechanisms are not need.

How it works: The engine is started by injection of fuel into two adjacent chambers simultaneously. The sensor gives the command to start ignition. Delivery of fuel into the chambers occurs only at the moment of engine start. Due to the expansion of the fuel (gas, gasoline) the rotor vanes begin to move in different directions, while one of the rotors engages with the drive shaft due to the overrunning clutch, and the other rotor disengages from the shaft but is held on the shaft by the holding cushioning mechanism from reverse rotation and continues to rotate with him.

After a single injection, the engine continues to operate in its normal cycle: suction, compression, combustion, exhaust. In this way each rotor alternately engages with the shaft and continues to rotate even when it is disengaged from the shaft due to a holding cushioning mechanism.


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    Anatoli Stanetsky
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    I am inspired to be useful, to create highly efficient and reliable machines and products, create what people need today and future.
    For example, in serial industrial production, working samples of the vane rotary combustion engine, from this rather numerous families are absent, and that inspires too.
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