Afreecar E-kit: Provide Sustainable and Affordable Mobility and Power for All the World's People

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A briefcase-sized e-kit (comprising lithium ion battery module, motor and electronics – patent pending) is designed to be easily attached to the wide variety of non-motorized vehicle types (vehicles that are pushed, pulled or pedalled). It can be applied to vehicles in several applications, such as agriculture, healthcare, urban mobility, warehouses and campuses, etc.

It can be attached vertically or horizontally and provides electric power assist which reduces effort and risk of injuries.

The e-kit also provides a source of electric power so that electrical devices can be powered (e.g., cellphones, water pumps, corn grinders, ventilators, dialysis machines, etc.) and has mechanical power take off.

By eliminating the need to purchase all-new electric vehicles, the e-kit promises to be a low cost solution in the developing world (with the addition of solar panels for off-grid rural applications). Moreover, the e-kit also has applications in the developed world because it can be shared among several different types of vehicles so that a fleet operator does not need to retrofit all their vehicles or buy all new vehicles. This flexibility is unique.


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    Christopher Borroni Bird
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    Chris Borroni-Bird
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    I am motivated to take what I have learnt during my career at Chrysler, GM, Qualcomm, MIT and Waymo (in leading the development of advanced autonomous, connected and electric vehicles) and applying this to help the underserved people in the world, particularly those living on less than $2/day. I believe in simple solutions that are robust, affordable and useful while also addressing the sustainability challenges in the world.
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