Electric Baby Stroller

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Nowadays micromobility has become a leading trend in our society. The number of electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards are increasing exponentially. Following this trend, we have invented an electric baby stroller (EBS). The main disadvantage of the usual baby stroller is that to keep the stroller moving it must be pushed forward constantly. Sometimes this requires enormous effort, especially for young mothers soon after birth. In the EBS the driving force is created by one or more electric motors. It can work also as a usual baby stroller driven by human force. Under desire the electric motor can be turned on to help the parent in some sloping road sections. Other work modus is when the electric motor takes the all movement power over itself and the escorting person only walks nearby and controls the direction. The fourth modus is when the parent rides the baby stroller. For that purpose an embedded folding platform is unfolded or pulled out.

The principle of work of the EBS is:
The EBS has embedded one or more electric motors driving the wheels. The motors can be embedded inside the wheels. Driving can be the front or rear wheels. The motors are supplied by internal battery. An electronic block controls the battery charging and discharging, the speed, the wheels angle and the lights. The stroller has an embedded platform on which the parent can stand and drive the stroller. This platform is inserted in the body of the stroller or it can be folded on its back. The rear wheels of the stroller are fixed to this platform such that if the platform is unfolded or pulled out – the distance between the front and the rear wheels increases, making the whole stroller longer. This improves the stability. Driving can be the front, rear or all wheels. They can be three or four.

An embodiment of the inventions both versions is presented on Fig.1. The EBS comprises strong body 1 with the wheels 4 (one or two front and two rears). The body is closed on the top with removable front glass 2. Inside the body is placed the baby seat 3. Under or behind the seat is the battery 8. Under the body 1 is mounted on rails the driver platform 9. Additional mechanics pulls in and out the body the platform sliding it in the rails. The platform can be also folded on the body’s back. In this case to stabilise the construction additional metal arms 14 are used. The electric motors 10 with the transmissions 11 are mounted on the platform 9. At the back of the body is mount the control console 7 which has holders for the driver, joystick or steering wheel 5 to rule the stroller, speed, light, brakes controlling switches and buttons. The battery charging, the speed and the lights are monitored by the control electronic device 6. In the front of the body are mounted the front lights 12 and the blinkers 13. Patten applications filled in EPO and USPO.



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