Landfill/Brewery Gases as Alternative Fuels

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This is a overview of my idea. However multiple alternative fuel companies may have to work together (I personally work with a few as current customers). Use every landfill/brewery gases in the world as a gas station for internal combustion vehicles and machines.

Set up pressurized storage tanks with filtration systems at these sites. Then modify the fuel sources on transportation vehicles/machines (like CNG conversion options currently available) to accommodate the gasses. This is already being done on an industrial engine level for spark ignited onsite generators. By doing so we can use these gases as a renewable resource instead of releasing into the environment and the air we breath.

If this idea takes off then it can be a simple as looking up using GPS the local landfill and or brewery to fill up the vehicle and or machine.

If this gas will need to be transported to other supply stations then it will be tremendously lighter then liquid based fuels which will save on roads and transport cost.

Other options include to run off a mix of these gases and liquid based fuel such as gasoline and or ethanol to improve mileage.


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    Matt Russell
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    Master mechanic/Engineer
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    I work with various customers and vendors that work in the fueling industry. They all one way or another are incorporated in the industrial industries. With this idea we can create jobs and use resources that sometimes are unused into a new market of alternative fuels.
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