EV Power Supply Standardization

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As we move into the future of electric vehicles we have an opportunity to not only improve our environment, we can also improve our transportation experience as well. By creating a standardized battery for EVs that is exchangeable on demand instead of having the batteries built in as part of the vehicle, we will reduce the cost of EVs dramatically, create a thriving competitive market to improve battery technology, create a retrofit opportunity for our current network of fueling stations across the country, decrease the fueling time to minutes, even less time than filling a tank with fuel. And allow for variable range configurations.

Utilizing an automated system, the vehicle would pull into a EV station. Once parked an automated system will remove the batteries, and replace them with fully charged batteries then diagnose and test the vehicle. Depending on your need, you can increase your range (each standardized battery will deliver a specific estimated range per that vehicle type and multiple standardized batteries can be utilized to increase the range).

The cost of the battery will be seen as usage, or rental, and the consumer will pay per mile, but much less than current fuel costs (approx. 1/10th) based on various factors.

  • This will improve the quality, increase the availability, and reduce the cost and complexity of EV's.
  • This will significantly reduce the expense of creating a nationwide fueling network by retrofitting the existing network of gas stations.
  • This will decrease fueling time in general and improve safety.
  • This will encourage power cell technological development and create new related businesses and industries.


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    Making clean running vehicles available to everyone by retrofitting the existing vehicles for a fraction of the cost of building new electric vehicles. This will allow the mass migration via retrofitting to cleaner burning worldwide transportation. Making things better through the peaceful application of advanced technology.
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