Automated Vegetable Jam (Thela)

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So my idea is to make vegetable jam (thela) automated. There are more than 50,000 thela wala's in India, my father is one of them. We all know how much hard work they need to put in to move thela and make money on a daily basis.

I want to make thela partially/fully automated using your support and platform. My aim is to put in a motor or battery or solar based power system to run thela, which will eventually reduce their efforts. So, I want to give my 100% & dedicate myself to make it.

This is vegetable thela. I want to automate it by putting in a motor or belt drive to run it. Make and arrangement for braking system and give handle. I need to do analysis of this. Taking load, friction, dimensions into consideration. So, I want to make it automated.

Thank you.


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    Ganesh Nagnurwar
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    My father is thelewala. So, that's my inspiration
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