Sowda Engine

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The Sowda® Engine is a trademarked, patented, “Revolutionary yet Simple,” gear-based crank assembly mechanism. This engine has an Infinitely Variable Compression (IVC) adjustment from 8:1 to 24:1 (or much higher whereas the prototype is 40:1 ratio) for dual-fuel (gasoline-diesel) capability. This engine (4-stroke only) has True Atkinson with up to 50% longer power/exhaust strokes over the intake/compression strokes. The Sowda engine does not utilize a multi-journal crankshaft. The Sowda engine utilizes one crank-pin per cylinder with a single-piece connecting rod and low friction roller bearing verses plain bearings. Better fuel economy and lower emissions is obtained by incorporating the Sowda gear-based mechanism into any piston-driven, 2-stroke or 4-stroke internal combustion engine (ICE). The increase in engine efficiency is obtained by: utilizing a True-Atkinson (TA) cycle; Infinitely Variable Compression (IVC) ratios; and applying low friction components.

The Sowda mechanism is truly unique; conceived in 2014; patented in late 2018. A 32% fuel savings and 32% reduction in carbon emission is expected. Revolutionary advancement in ICEs is extremely rare. In 1887 James Atkinson designed the “Cycle Engine” or the first “True-Atkinson” engine; using an awkward arrangement of levers and pivots. This engine was limited to a maximum speed of 600 rpm and not conducive to the practical engines demanding high speeds. Atkinson did prove his engine was more efficient than the "Otto" engine. In 2011, Honda developed the EXlink or another True-Atkinson engine. The EXlink is complex, heavy, and exhibits excessive stress and vibration problems and limited to specific rpm ranges. Honda’s EXlink's expansion ratio of 140% over compression ratio appeared to yield 15% fuel economy improvement. The Sowda engine does not have the limitation and problems associated with the original Atkinson or Honda EXlink engines.



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