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TOP-Racing is a world league of professional racing of light motor vehicles that is open to any kind of technology you can bring! Having real fun while creating efficient technology is the key idea. You, as a competitor, are encouraged to use any vehicle you can make to compete for the prizes. The system unifies criteria to be able to mix vehicles made with budgets ranging from very low to very high. The cost of the cars is part of the game, not only performance, to determine the winners. Anyone can participate in any event, but only the best engineering/driving pairs can win the money.

You can also host an event very easily. Your event will be given a certain priority for the championships. The best events (under fixed objective criteria) have more priority for higher level championships. Anyway, your event will count for all levels of regional and all levels of temporal championships with some priority. The system encourages you to host events in as many different places as you can to promote a real world championship. The world is divided into 8 levels of territorial demarcations: variant, venue, state region, state, country region, country, international region and planet championships. You can start a local championship anywhere anytime, and those races are automatically incorporated into all levels of championships and all levels of temporal periods. You are free to make your events last for as much time as you want. You can also host as many events as you want!

You can already test a prototype of TOP-Racing at It needs a lot of development yet to make it a real global application. If you can sponsor it, your products would be exposed in our web page to all of our participants. The potential is enormous! Just take a look in the following map at more than 1000 racing tracks where I think it is possible to develop frequent events:

If you want to host a TOP-Racing event, you just need to reserve a racing venue where you trace a racing track variant. Then you create the event in and the system will guide you step by step to run your event. Just invite people to participate and go ahead with your own event. You may also have a sponsor for the prizes or you may be the sponsor of the event. You can make money organizing events or gain exposure for your products. It is very simple.

Events include a phase where all cars (vehicles) are sold in a Vickrey auction. Yes all of them. It is a requirement and a very important part of the game. This provides everyone with a real life valuation of each car. This is not only important to be able to level the field in terms of budgets but also to make everyone participate and maybe earn a racing car for a good prize and start racing for the first time or with a better car.


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