Walk-on-Transport-Pods (Rack & Gear System)

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To clear streets of trains, buses and cars a simple walk-on-pod street transport system can carry pedestrians fast and safely like a scooter for long street distances.

The pod system works as follows: Pedestrians simply select their pod at the pod parking area for the direction they want to go. They push the pod like a shopping cart onto the track system and the pod gear system stays disengaged for as long as there is no weight on the pod. Once the pedestrian steps onto the pod the system engages into the rack & gear system and the pedestrian should close the pod gate to stay safe as it slowly moves from 0.5mph to 1mph to 2mph to 3mph to 5mph to 8mph to 12mph to 20mph along a street set-up with pod system. Gears in the system are responsible for the speed control of increase and slow down before it reached the end driving gear and safely being pushed along a parking rail where other pedestrians push a pod in the opposite direction and do the return trip.

The system will have very inexpensive gear to rack engagement for the pod and for speed gear to gear engagement along the track for initial slow speed uptake - max speed in the middle and slowdown at the end.

I believe this system can eliminate all buses, cars, bicycles, scooters and Segways, etc. from roads in a city environment. System can be build flat street level and rise to first levels if a low slope angle is used over longer slope distances.

Illustrations shows multiple pods along streets - perspective is to give idea to reader or viewer only as to vote for the concept. The design is very inexpensive along the track with 2 main motors at the start and the end - a motor for each direction.

Possibility for side stations along the track - but the design would need to be puzzled out on how to engage and disengage from a rack-gear system to a side stop station. 


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