MINI Spider Car Cover

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A Brief Description:
This is the 3rd Stage of device development since 2011 and it is “Automatically Car Cover (Changeable plastic (LLDPE) film) device by Mobile Bluetooth (MINI Spider Cover)”, (Registered Patent No.: 2011/ 079 (Jebel Ali Free Zone (Ministry of Economy)\2011))

Description: It is a Car Cover (Changeable plastic (LLDPE) film) to cover the car automatically. Just put this device on the roof of the car and the it will automatically extend the cover in a circular motion until the car is covered in full. After that it will magnetize with the entire body of the car (by small liquid magnetics). To remove this cover would be through mobile Bluetooth control from a distance and during orientation of the vehicle, the device is going to collect the cover (in a circular motion in the reverse direction of the extend). After that when the user of this device arrives at this vehicle, he lifts the device from the surface of the car to put it in a car bag or under the seat. The base of this device is a magnet so that it affixes to the roof of the car by magnetism. Benefits: Save time, Effort and maintain the cleanliness for car Energy: derive its energy by solar cells on the entire surface device. Security: provide it by alarm Vibration option to not be stolen.

Sizes: This device features that size cover (one size) as will be adhere on the car body & formed it.

Field survey to determine the marketability of the design as This Invention Device Proved Worth by Won a lot of Awards (To prove the Social Acceptability of the Proposal): Was won more than 9 Nos. medals (5 Gold, 2 Silver & 2 Bronze) with more than 12 Nos. of International Innovation Certificates with International Innovation Diploma & World International Innovation Cup from (Taiwan, Korea, Belgrade, Russia, Malaysia, Zagreb& Morocco).

We development 1st Stage : Title: “Automatically Car Cover device by remote (Spider Cover)”, on 2011. It is car cover to covering of the car by automatic cover, only put these device on the roof of the car and the device will automatically extend the cover in a circular motion to be covered a car // development 2nd Stage : Market: Upgrade and Update for the design and modern technology to keep pace with market requirements and general taste Challenges of Market requirements (supply and demand) , on 2013 Produced (Stage 1) it was focus was at this stage on the idea of the basic device, which ((spread) cover as circular).



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