The 3T

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Requirements for the 3T

As a design approach we used the axiom of, "make something you would want to use" and balanced that against existing technologies with strong performance so that a realistically functional and dependable device could be made.

This delivered us a machine of unprecedented appearance and real-world technologies that allowed the device to be used as an automated machine yet it can be converted very simply into an equally functional manual machine similar to today’s mobility devices and back again as needs be.

This is Dynamic Mass Mobility change of the highest order , a device that truly appeals to people across the spectrum of mobility.

Device Functions

The function of the 3T is to:

  • allow use by people with diverse abilities
  • Access diverse area’s of the world wide community by having options for different modes of traction to move the 3T
  • being an intuitive device that moves in the direction of the persons movement


The value offerings generally accepted in the marketplace at the moment (electric scooters / electric wheelchairs) can have their design traced directly back to the 1800’s. The 3T is a quantum leap to having the ability to undertake movement in different area’s from shopping centres to walking/cycle trails which also did not exist as they do today.

A device that blends into the users daily needs over a range of access and locations bringing inclusion to the greatest amount of people with different abilities to use on a completely equal status in look and feel and help de-stigmatise such machines as people come to use them for many activities.


The design, incorporating existing technologies, makes this ready for development and brought to market now. There are many examples of inverted pendulum robots and devices as well as haptic feedback sensors as well as other sensors and components.

The device would include current best practice additive manufacturing such as 3D printing in both metal, synthetics and any other manufacturing technologies recently developed.

There are many companies that produce efficient small electric transport devices that would very easily be able to put together such a machine, in many places in the world with a good level of support in the community for these types of electronics and electric vehicles.


Although there are a great deal of small electric transport products in the market for a diversity of people none have yet been designed for the full spectrum of capability of the human condition.

The 3T represents a product that is desirable to be used by people of many different abilities due to its ability to take on different conditions and mimic the general condition of a regular persons height and maneuverability. Currently sub optimal products are even used by people with full functionality at things like trade shows which are too large to walk around all day so this product appeals to people of many abilities.


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