Avatar – Electric Vehicle

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Requirements for the Avatar
The Avatar was designed specifically as a lightweight holiday or island vehicle with no CO2 output.

The vehicle is designed for up to 4 people so that families can take the vehicle on trips around the resort or Island setting without causing undue stress on the physical environment or the people there-in and carry enough luggage to make a day trip with say a BBQ and fishing or Scuba diving or other resort activities.

Device Functions
The function of the Avatar is to:

  • Carry up to 4 adults
  • carry enough luggage for recreational activities
  • Minimise impact on physical environment and the people in it

The value offerings generally in the marketplace at the moment have their design roots directly back to the 1950’s with no substantial improvement. The Avatar, is a quantum leap to having the ability to be able to be produced in any number of locations due to being 3D printed and the combination of its features.

The Avatar vehicle combines the best features available on the market and starts with a white page as far as design so is not constrained by prior products in a manufacturing line including supply agreements.

The design, incorporating existing technologies, makes this ready for development and brought to market now. Although this is a new take on a an Island or Resort commuter design it is still just a combinations of the most modern supply line accessories such as run flat tire designs and solar panels.

The demand for Green transportation is solid and increasing exponentially it seems so there will be a demand for more and more new products for some time in the small vehicle/short trip space.

The Avatar represents the ability to have the family unit or say couples holiday shared in such a way to bring that unit closer together and the use of electric motors allows the facilitation of more conversation bringing more enjoyment to the experience as well as that extra feel good about creating the least amount of damage to the environment.


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