Advanced Ceramic Diesel Engine Cylinder Liners

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With the targeting of specialization technologies in materials for automotive purposes, within the innovations invisible to the consumer market, we observe the state of the art in cylinder liners for internal combustion engines (MCI's) in cast iron, aluminum or ceramic coated. For Diesel MCI's, dry or wet removable cylinder liners made of cast iron are used due to the long service life of these engines.

The use of silicon nitride based advanced ceramics in the manufacture of removable cylinders for Diesel MCI's using the Powder Metallurgy process provides a compromise where the higher cost of processing the advanced ceramic is reduced by the abundant reserves of silicon, and the production process by Powder Metallurgy is widely used in the automotive industry.

Removable cylinder liners made of silicon nitride based advanced ceramic offer mechanical resistance similar to cast iron, with better thermal and chemical resistance, and its greater refractoriness to the heat of combustion generates greater useful power for diesel engines, with better thermodynamic performance, mass, volume and noise reduction.

This study deals with the author's own utility model patent No. BR 20 2017 014.505-1 U-2 of 06 July 2017.

Keywords: Piston shirt. Removable shirt. Technical ceramics. Powder metallurgy.


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