Interactive SmartWindows for Autonomous Vehicles

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Interactive SmartWindows for Autonomous Vehicles with Digital Display capabilities. Transparent OLED TECHNOLOGIES with touchscreen, face recognition, temperature control, Augmented reality, voice recognition, the future of how we look out transportation windows will change forever! For military vehicles and aircraft, for private or public transportation vehicles like trains, buses, and airplanes...taxis around the world will be using this cutting edge technology. With Digital Display capabilities, you will be able to utilize our technology for social media, Internet access, gaming, and streaming movies 🎥


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    Victor Ramirez
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    Creating new technology and prototype development.
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    The quick and rapid growth rate of our cutting edge technology is moving at the speed of light and my mind keeps up with it even if I don’t want to … strangely, my mind is working nonstop keeping up with all our digital technology as if it has a mind of its own…can’t really explain.. just does!
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