Automated Cost Effective Device to Save Lives During Vehicle Road Accidents

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Vehicular accidents are life-threatening and result in fatal casualties in developing countries such as India. According to estimates, traffic accidents kill more people in India than diseases like Cancer and AIDS. More than 150,000 people are killed every year in traffic accidents in India, which works out to 400 fatalities a day, far higher than developed auto markets like the U.S. The World Health Organization estimates road accidents cost most countries about 3 per cent of their gross domestic product.

According to research studies most deaths are due to not getting help on time to the injured person. Research has proven that if the injured person is not found any option of help then they also lose the power to fight such critical situation due to psychological effects. When vehicle met accident, people are not getting on time support, this delay is the major cause of death in developing nations. Presently there is no robust system available in market for passenger & commercial vehicles which helps to provide on time help to the injured persons & saves human life. In current situation “Intelligent cost effective device” is need of our society.

This device consist of electronic control based technology with inbuilt GPS & GPRS system that enhances safety, security and convenience. This device capable to communicate Immediately with concern agencies when vehicle met an accidents is need of hour.

This innovative system has been equipped with Safety features include SMS & voice call based alerts, sharing of vehicle geographical location.


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    Life lost numbers in Road accidents are really heart-stopping, so
    as a human being wants to do something for our society.
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