(FMS) Fuel Measuring System for 2 Wheelers

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Looking at the Fuel Economy in India i.e. ARAI Fuel Economy during Testing v/s Actual riding Condition by Customer on Road, there is always variation in fuel economy, which is possibly due to Fuel QTY Variation in fuel testing.

This is why Fuel filing process is Doubtful in Major Cities Where fuel Consumption is very High. Fuel Fraud Scams are mostly active & common in Major Cities of India. Moreover 2W Vehicles are highly used in these cities hence, common person being effected. If we can Save the Fuel by some special feature that is been cheated by various Fuel Stations,

  1. This will results in an Additional Exclusive Feature in 2 Wheeler's
  2. Also, Huge Middle Class will get influence by this feature and this leads to High Sales growth


  1. Customer will Become More Aware & Alert for Fuel Cheating.
  2. Customer gets the actual quantity of fuel for which he paid.
  3. Customer will get ROI within a Month & Also gets Saving on Daily basis
  4. Will Develop a Transparent work Culture in Fuel Filling Stations
  5. Adds more Trust on Manufacturer, which Attracts customer & Increases the Sales Graph
  6. Builds More Trust Among Customers with Exclusive Feature


Idea is to Apply Transducer (Type of Sensor) which will position at the cross section of fuel filling hose, Transducer will convert one form of energy into other, here it will convert Speed Motion & Volume of Fuel entering into electrical signals & transmit the same to ECU which will further displayed on Digital meter console.

This will alert customer that how much fuel entered in its 2 wheeler, and avoid cheating of Middle class Men hard earned Money. This will Boast the 2 Wheeler Manufacturer Sales.

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