VIMO-Vibration and Inertial Electro Mobile

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Vibration and Inertial Electro Mobile - VIMO contains several innovations that improve the energy efficiency of existing technologies:

  1. A new system of accumulation of vibration energy, which is 4-5 times more effective than the famous GenShock.
  2. Combined wind-turbine, which absorbs 3 times more energy of air flow than conventional.
  3. The solar panel with Abbe prisms, which increase the panel's power by 20-30%. In addition, they do not heat or burn panels in contrast to known lenses.
  4. Тurbo hubcaps convert the energy of air temperature into the power of wheel rotation based on the effect of the turbo-expander.
  5. VIMO is equipped with an inertial electric motor that accumulates the energy of inertia at high speed.


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