STELLA SUITES - Reason Why People Will Buy Electric Cars

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Everyone is making electric cars. This idea answers the question:

'Why would the customers buy our cars and not other OEMs'?'

This idea will provide and range of motorized electric gadgets and utility vehicles that will be sold along with our cars that will help customers solve a specific mobility problem. This will provide a customer "Feel Good" as this will make life convenient for them. This will encourage them to buy our products.

It will give the customers the feeling of:
"Oh.. My car comes with its own electric bicycle!" OR
"Oh.. My car provides me with a standalone barbeque set!"

STELLA SUITES contain a range of products that will support the Urban mobility and utility (like Electric bikes/scooters, electric jacks,etc.), Off-road,camping mobility and utility (electric barbeque sets, fans and tent heaters, etc.) and Movers and packers' mobility (Motorized dollies and trolleys). The idea is also to make utility vehicles that will help customers solve a critical mobility or utility issue. (like electric ATVs, snowmobiles, autonomous drones, carts,etc.) STELLA SUITES products will be standalone (will require no external electrical connection), will derive charge from the car, will be zero emission and clean.


Value Proposition:

  1. All OEMs are heading towards an Electric car future. Electrification, in general is going to be a new norm. We will be doing the same. Then what makes us unique? Why would customers buy our cars? The motivation behind this idea is to provide the customer delight in buying and using our products because it come with certain utilities that will make life easier for them.
  2. The number of people living is cities is going to double in the next decade. Quicker and easier urban mobility is the need of the time. STELLA Suites products derived motivation from this need.
  3. Camping and Off-roading runs in the blood of our JEEP Customers. Some of the rustic camping locations do not have facilities that will support basic level comfort. Enjoying nature and the beauty of wilderness while being comfortable is the need that is recognized by this idea. STELLA SUITE products ensure this by providing standalone utilities that add to comfort and fun.
  4. Movers and packers like U-haul or delivery services like Amazon, FEDEX, USPS, UPS, etc. do not use our vehicles exclusively. There is a motivation to attract these customers to buy our products.

This is a new business opportunity.

Market: All the vehicles that are used for urban mobility (Minivans, Durangos, PSA products), all vehicles that are used for off-road and camping (JEEPs, RAMs) and all vehicles that might be used for carrying goods and moving them (RAMs)


  1. City dwellers who want a faster mode of transport from parking lot to their destination than walking
  2. Camping enthusiasts, off-roaders, travellers.
  3. Movers and packers
  4. People with businesses to deliver stuff like FEDEX, USPS, UPS, food and mail delivery, etc.
  5. People, in general, who do not want to get stuck



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