Parabolic Airstream Inline Diffuser

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The idea for a Parabolic Airstream Inline Diffuser (P.A.I.D.) came into existence for the purpose of making it easier to tow my caravan by reducing the significantly restrictive aerodynamic properties of my caravan.

Upon viewing other caravans it became apparent that no caravan maker addresses the aerodynamic drag caused by the flat shape of the front of the caravan nor the turbulence thus drag built up during travel between the tow vehicle and caravan wasting money on fuel, car parts on additional wear and lost time at destination.

Trucks have been solving this issue for decades. Only have to look at any truck to see the gaps between the prime and the trailer have been reduced and smoothed over.

The P.A.I.D. system (pictured with my caravan i.e. not with a reinvented Bruder) is my prototype I wish to get built and install on my vehicle to test the theory and once refined make available to any other person.

The prototype is a metal frame attached to the caravan A frame to match the front dimensions of the caravan. Rock protection material is attached to the frame and extends along the underside of the A frame to the tow vehicle tow ball. It then extends up to the top rear of the tow vehicle and attaches to the roof rack with a tightness adjustment pulling the material taught filling the void between the tow vehicle and caravan.

As the tow vehicle and caravan travel at speed the material that is now filling the void allows air flow to move smoothly off the back of the tow vehicle, past the void without getting turbulent and around the caravan significantly reducing drag and increasing stability.

The product can be one size fits all with an adjustable frame size and the manner in which the material is fixed to the frame can determine length to suit any vehicle.

This product can be made from aluminium and has minimal parts thus will be very light.

Once all the issues are worked out the product should cost about the same as current rock protectors. The P.A.I.D. will also solve the rock issues as well.

In the future, with a proven concept (the reinvented Bruder picture), I hope to influence caravan shapes to include the P.A.I.D. system into their front sections but to a varied degree which can be explained in detail. Please contact.

Any help towards this project will be greatly received and appreciated. My main goal is to help fellow caravaners get the most out of their experiences. And if it helps them maintain the speed limit, it will also help other road users as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my design idea.


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