High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine

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The current Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is generally rated at about 25% efficient. My goal is to increase this efficiency rate to over 50% by making the ICE configuration more correct. Current engines make around 1 hp per cubic inch. My design will increase this to over 3 hp per cubic inch. I will do this by improving intake flow from a standard 250 CFM to over 500 CFM, improve the exhaust port configuration by making it straighter and smaller so as to improve its effectiveness while reducing reversion, increasing the efficiency of the combustion chamber by exposing the total area to the spark plug for maximum combustion while shaping it for maximum intake flow (Patent 8,701,617), changing the valve sizes to make the intake valve larger and the exhaust valve smaller (Patent 9,759,155), and offsetting the intake and exhaust valve seats by around .200" to prevent the intake and exhaust mixture from mixing with each other (Patent 9,759,155).

My test engine will be a Small Block Chevy (SBC) 434 cid V8 engine. With my cylinder head configuration, it should make more than 1300 hp. Making this engine into a two cylinder engine, it will displace 108.5 cid and should make 325 hp for application to cars and SUV trucks. Goal is to double the gas mileage of the typical car/SUV/truck.

Test engine should be done in a few months.


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