The Ignire

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The Ignire is a sedan type car. And mainly focused on middle class people who can't afford current electric cars in the market now. And the second goal is to offer a jet-like feeling while driving it. The Ignire uses a 28kWh lithium ion battery with maximum range of 350Km in single charge. And in case the battery ran out the Ignire has 32V supercapacitors to provide non-stop traveling, because the source of energy of the supercapacitor is obtained from a motor connected with the shaft of car, by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. The Ignire uses the synchronous electric motor and the braking system that Ignire has is the regenerative braking system. Which also increases the efficiency of the car.

Next if we look at the build quality, the Ignire uses aluminum alloy rims. The aluminum alloy rim is lightweight, which in turn increases the velocity of the vehicle so eventually the efficiency of the vehicle also is increased. Next the body parts are also made up of aluminium alloys and the carbon fiber too used here. Because of its high strength and good durability. Next the outer body part is manufactured by casting process. The inner components are planned to manufactured by using casting as well as additive manufacturing. The car wheel's rim also manufactured by using additive manufacturing process in order to create a precise structure.

The main objective of the Ignire is to provide electric cars for all people at a low price. And the second aim of the Ignire is to provide a jet-like feeling while driving it. The Ignire has all the aesthetics of a jet starting from jet like A-shaped yoke steering to internal components. If I had the opportunity to manufacture the Ignire in the future the minimum manufacturing cost ranges from 12 lakh - 15 lakh Indian rupee. I think this is quite cheaper than other electric vehicles that are available right now in the market.


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    My main objective is to eliminate the struggle faced by the people while power, who doesn't have any kind of generator or inventor to supply electricity. Also it helps the people in villages who getting only limited amount of current per day. So that they can use that electricity in the remainder of the day.
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