Operational Control and Maintenance Platform for Road Safety

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Traffic accidents today could be considered a pandemic, since the causes of death, mainly in Latin America, are very high.

Road administrators receive information from multiple sources and their main source is the operational center, where services are managed, there are specific developments, but finally everything converges in making reports in Excel.

With the Platform, all of the above is resolved, but it goes beyond just generating reports. The data is integrated with the automated information through IoT technology and precision fuel sensors, most of these devices are installed in the vehicle fleet and equipment arranged for the attention of events or emergencies in the road network, with this the analysis and delivery of road safety indicators, since it starts from home from their own drivers, indicators such as: Automated Information: 1 Driving style (Excess speed, acceleration, sharp turns and braking, among others), 2 vehicle variables according to driving (RPM, use% on pedals, levels and fuel consumption, among others). 3. Alerts for maintenance (according to odometer and hour engine); all these variables are monitored in real time and geolocated.

Scheduled and reported information: Expiration of licenses, insurance policies, and other legal documentation. Records of vehicle inspections by the driver.

Finally, all this information from both the operational, maintenance and IoT services converges in a data lake to later be managed and analyzed with current technological tools such as Big data and machine learning and delivered in dashboard for results at the indicator level.

Multiple indicators are generated at the operation and maintenance level such as: Number of events such as: accidents, victims, injuries, times of attention to emergency events, maintenance events such as landslides, potholes, replacement of traffic signs, etc., and of course all the action or actions taken on these events.

As all the information is geolocated, the road safety indicators are the solution and benefit of all this designed platform. Well, within its results is: Black spots on the road network, TCA - critical sections of accidents, causes of accidents according to police reports, critical sections of the infrastructure such as landslides, bank failure - subsidence, flooding, etc. As a conclusion to all these indicators comes the actions in Operation and/or maintenance such as: adjustments to the road infrastructure, police controls, educational campaigns on road safety, installation or transfer of ITS elements (Intelligent Transport Systems), for example installing a radar of speed control at a certain point on the road.

All this will achieve that traffic accidents decrease until reaching mortality or victims = 0.

The field of application is not limited only to road administrators It applies to transport companies that manage vehicle fleets and driving personnel, but everything focused and measured from the point of road safety.


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