Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) for Passenger and Heavy Duty Transport

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ElektrikCar LLC is a Michigan based company that manufactures battery electric vehicles (EV) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) since 2012. We have been building clean energy vehicles in China and Indonesia with engineering based in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Our EV and FCEV have been delivered to our paying customers in China and Indonesia and have been tested, tried and even crashed with satisfactory results. Our hydrogen fuel cell electric buses are retrofitted conventional buses which are converted into vehicles that can run on battery and fuel cell electric power. These buses can be charged like normal EV and quickly refilled with hydrogen gas for much longer driving range. Our buses consist of various body size from small, medium and heavy duty buses with driving range between 300 - 600 miles for one single charge and hydrogen fill-up. We are planning to mass manufacture our clean energy vehicles, from passenger cars to the heavy duty vehicles anywhere in the world especially in the under-served communities to uplift and create opportunities. We are partnering with various parties to build our decentralized manufacturing systems, as we have done in Indonesia and China.



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    Danet Suryatama
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    ElektrikCar Staff Members : Danet Suryatama, Novan Yahya, Maryanto Londo, Iman Soedewo, Mukhlas Prastya, Yano
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    Our concerns with the increased green house gases that cause climate change as GHG emission from transportation sectors consist of more than 25% of GHG emission
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