Flying Car Highway

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1) The continuous development and possible use of flying cars and delivery drones on the open sky over the city and metropolitan areas can through the time overcrowd the sky and originate Challenger-like accidents, felling cars, careless drivers, bad guys use its for terrorism, etc. 2) Because of all these reasons and others I propose to confine the flying cars and delivery drones into one "Flying Cars Highway" when flying into the city or metropolitan area and inclusive over the body of water near the city. 3) Because of our experience with airplanes and movies, we are projecting the flying cars to fly at a high altitude in the sky but non necessarily has to be like that especially into the city. The main concern of a flying car it's the driver will reach the place in less time than one "ground running car" and a little more time than one for example passenger airplane. It's better to reach the place in a safe way for the driver and the city. Thanks.


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    Vicente A Quinones
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    Personal thinking and inventor.
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    Safety and security.
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