The Future of Urban Mobility

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Today's current urban transportation system is full of problems. Traffic, parking, pollution and accidents are some of the main ones. From a designers perspective, our current system is not efficient and sustainable. Therefore I had the idea to design an urban transportation system, making it as sustainable and efficient as possible. The first thing would be to ban all private cars, as the average car in America only carries 1.6 passengers and is around 4.6 meters long, making it unsustainable. There must be a better way to transport people using less space. Luckily there is, in the form of trams or subways. However for this project I decided to go a step further, using ARRT (Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit) trams. These trams use rubber wheels instead of tracks, making them more flexible. Countries such as China and Australia have began testing them in some of their cities. The idea is to ban all private cars in the urban areas, and have an extensive ARRT tram system, with many lines, and frequent arrivals, to move the many people of the city. Because some people don't like to use public transportation, autonomous car sharing services will be available as well. To decrease the amount of accidents, all vehicles should be autonomous, and communicate with each other.


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    Nicolas Vigier
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    The problems of our current urban transportation system.
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    Rhino 3D, Photoshop
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