Veloroute H2O

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Veloroute H2O is a sustainable public mobility concept that aims to connect the two sides of Kiel city in Germany. Bicycles are a sustainable form of mobility that proved to be one of the safest options during a pandemic; however, a bike can only take you as far as the infrastructure goes.

Hence the need for an infrastructure that crosses Kiel's Förde on a consistent and reliable schedule. Residents can then cut down on their carbon footprint and celebrate the Förde on their daily commutes.


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    Bashar Zapen
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    Adobe Software, Fusion360, Pen and Paper!
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    Run, Cook, Video Games, Read, Swing Dance, Swim
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    Bashar Zapen is an Industrial Medical and UX designer who has worked on contemporary humanitarian and medical issues alongside topics such as mobility and sustainability. His most recent work addresses the challenges of pediatric cardiac surgery training in economically and politically constrained areas.
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    Fusion 360, Blender, Concepts, Illustrator.
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